Wedding Hair Pieces

We all know that the wedding dress is the biggest wow factor of any wedding, but if it is possible to take a good thing and make it better, why not, right? Wedding accessories are key in accentuating the atmosphere of the wedding and the personality of the bride. Hairstyles and hair/head pieces are especially popular, as you can create any look you want- vintage, classic, modern, beachy, you name it!

Here are a few of our favorites!

72972456432690076 u05wVvEL f 181x300 Wedding Hair PiecesThis Moroccan veil is amazing!


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Vintage wedding veil

177258935303817711 wgPgrbQE f 300x300 Wedding Hair Pieces

Such a gorgeous ornate hair pin

46232333644252709 tANsVkRs f Wedding Hair PiecesGorgeous little stars (or starfish!) would look beautiful for a beach wedding

103723597637939661 oiEi0ljK f 200x300 Wedding Hair Pieces

The colors and the deail of this headpiece are stunning.

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