Golden Cheeked Warbler

About the Golden Cheeked Warbler

The Golden-cheeked warbler is a small songbird that has been endangered for nearly 20 years. It is fairly small, measuring 4.5 inches as an adult, recognizable by its yellow face, white belly and black stripes from the throat to its sides.

Golden Cheeked Warbler Facts

Interestingly, they are the only birds that nest in the state of Texas. More specifically, they nest in the central Texas area in tall juniper and oak trees in canyons and ravines. Their endangerment is due to the clearing of these trees to build commercial and residential buildings and roads. Other areas the Golden-cheeked warbler would call home have been flooded or cleared for crops or livestock.

Antebellum Oaks & Golden Cheeked Warblers

Golden-cheeked warblers live in Texas during the spring and summer months where they raise their young (typically 3-4 eggs per season); then they fly to Mexico and Central America for the colder seasons. Antebellum Oaks is the site for several Golden-cheeked warblers, as we have allowed our trees to grow untouched, allowing them to nest and breed as nature intended.

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